About Us

The idea for the QUADSAW® came about when our co-founder, Michael was working as a kitchen fitter. One day he saw an electrician cutting a rather ragged square hole for a socket. Michael asked the tradesman why he wasn’t using a square hole cutter and was surprised to discover there wasn’t one. This was in 2009. In 2012, Michael met Ean, and the decision to create a company that brings such inventive products to life was born.

UK Manufacturing Heritage

Being a British company, it was very important to us to manufacture the QUADSAW® ourselves here in the UK. We work with some of the UK’s leading metals, plastics, CNC machining and other component manufacturers to source component parts, and assemble the QUADSAW® ourselves at our Hertfordshire assembly plant. All key components are manufactured in the UK. Only when we couldn’t source the peripheral components at the quality we wanted from the UK, we sourced from tier 1 component providers from the US, Germany, France and the Far East.